PUB 201

Process Post #9

Given the circumstances of COVID-19, this week we took to the Internet to have an online tutorial with our given groups. The topic of focus for class was on Google Analytics and SEO. Two very important components in growing a business/ brand, from an analytical standpoint.

Google Analytics: a resourceful tool offered by Google that helps measure the traffic on your site.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization- takes information provided by sites which then is optimized on googles search rankings. Google is keen on paying attention to what is liked and favorited by the public, as well as those attempting to build a liking on their site. It is important to stay within Google policy aka maintaining a well-favored reputation, in order for Google to raise your site’s rankings on the search bar.

There are 6 key steps one must take to gain higher rankings on Google:

  1. Refrain from using inappropriate words
  2. Use informative and strategic headers
  3. Use reliable references to back up credible sources. (outbound links)
  4. Use recommendations for high authority sources (inbound links)
  5. Use clear/concise eye-catching information
  6. Use high-quality information

Bonus tip from myself: Stick to a theme that is aesthetically pleasing, and represents your brand to a T! This will help you create a niche audience, and create consistency in how you brand yourself.

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