PUB 201

Process Post #6

In this weeks class, we were given a lecture on the importance of content marketing, advertising, and editorials. As well as how to hold strong professionalism when your brand comes into conflict in just 5 easy steps!

  • Content Marketing can be defined as “a type of marketing that consists of sharing content that is produced through video, blogs, pictures etc).
  • Advertising is purchased space on a platform that allows brands to promote themselves and their commodities.
  • Editorials are a form of content that consists of news-related material. They are also known to be unbiased and free of paid incentives.

5 Steps to maintaining brand professionalism in conflict scenarios:

  1. Speak like a human– it is important to have a voice for your brand that is well mannered, helpful and respectful in any given situation. Use verbiage like “I will assist you in this” to help customers feel as though they are being taken care of by a human instead of speaking to a company.
  2. Win Win Situation- The end goal in any company situation is to come out with a win-win scenario for both the company and the customer altogether.
  3. Avoid a public battle– it is vitally important that a brand does not engage in conflict on an online platform. It is best to take the conflict to a private space such as over the phone, or in an email, and deal with the situation in a respectful manner.
  4.  Right the wrongs– A brand should always be candid with its customers, so in a situation where a mistake is made on the company’s front, it is important that they correct the wrongdoing through honesty and humility.
  5. Make friends– In order for a brand to grow popularity, it must be liked by many. Therefore we must turn our foes into friends, and never leave a situation in a place of hostility.

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