PUB 201

Process Post #11

ITS OUR FINAL CLASS! Today was bittersweet, as we concluding our final session online, which was centered around trolls, online hate comments, and freedom of speech. All components that unfortunately cause a lot of problems online. It is incredibly important as we are able to hide our faces behind a screen, that we take into account how powerful words are. As well as how they can leave an impact on the person who is on the receiving end of the comments.

We took the time to review course content and talk aimlessly about what we were doing to stay active during the quarantine. Many of the students, mentioned Netflix shows they were binge-watching (Tiger King was a popular choice). With that, we concluded the class by playing a virtual version of Pictionary. Students were split up into two groups and had to guess what the opponent was drawing on the whiteboard. This was a great way to finish up this whirlwind of a semester!

I will greatly miss this class, as it has provided me with insight into the world of publishing, and blogging. I would highly recommend taking a publishing class, if you are interested in pursuing a career in either journalism, starting up a company, or if you are curious about how analytics, and branding play an integral role in our digital lives online, and in person.

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