PUB 201

Peer Review #3

For my final peer review, I had the pleasure of checking out Elis’s blog called Distributrice! Just like the previous two peer reviews, I was instructed to make my way through the blog, however this time the focus of this assignment was specifically on our partner’s business plan, and monetization, if there is any. Specifically, I will be looking at Yelyzaveta’s business strategy, and how she has branded her blog through it.

Distributrice, is a blog Elis started, that features, formative posts with ways to be sustainable, and ethical with resources. The Ukraine native is passionate about promoting tips and tricks on how to live a “0 waste lifestyle”. Elis shares recipes, lifestyle tips, and decor that are all centered around being ethically sustainable. Her motto is, ” Inspire, Investigate, Inform” she is keen on inspiring others through sustainability, investigating new ways to be ethical, and informing people on how she does it. Distributrice’s motto is fitting in the fact that the three words are powerful, meaningful, and directly correspond to her message. One of my favourite parts about her blog is how she incorporates funny gif memes in conjunction with her posts to add illustration and humour.

On the business front, Distributrice, is well thought out and cohesive to its aesthetic, and motto. The information Elis shares is informative and clearly written out. She has a clear brand and targeted audience to adhere to her sustainable beliefs of being a minimalist. Her goals are ambitious, as she mentions on her About page that, she wants to promote sustainability in stores. This can all be achieved through consistent content posting, and through advertisement. The WHAT is clear, however, the HOW is missing from her business goal. I would kindly suggest that she take this time to create a COA (course of action), and share it with her audience so that she can grow excitement, and inspiration around her blog! Besides that, I’d highly advise/would recommend taking a look through her blog, for ways to be eco-friendly!

There is no monetization on Elis blog however, I believe if she were to have brand sponsorships that correlate with her sustainable blog, it would help her gain traffic and subscribers as well as generate profit off of her platform.

I checked out the last peer review completed by Not So Eloquent Emma on Distributrice, to check and see what was suggested in terms of slight changes. Emma kindly pointed out that Elis should include an image of herself, to add a personable touch to her blog, I too would highly advise she do that, so that the audience grasps a personal connection to the blog, especially since she is trying to promote an alternative way to living. Emma also pointed out the idea of putting her Pub work into one category. Likewise, I would insist on doing this so that readers are able to differentiate school assignments, from the overall brand, and aesthetic of the blog. In doing so, it also adds cleanliness, and order, which viewers love to see when checking out a website. Also, in conjunction with what Emma stated about the “uncategorized” headings over her posts, they add confusion and slight disorder to her categories, however, that is a simple edit, that will make a big difference for Elis blog!

Overall, Elis is on her way to creating a brand for herself through her blog. With a few tweaks to the overall presentation and organization of the blog, as well as a few recipe additions that were promised, on her about page, I believe she will excel in the sustainability/eco-friendly lane. A tip that has worked for me in the overall aesthetic of my blog, is to hide the Pub category from the menu bar, so that it does not take away from the theme of the blog in terms of posting content. This can be easily achieved by hiding the category from users, but making it available to the admin. Here is an easy tutorial on how to do so!

Elis continue to post content that relates to your movement, and utilize your Instagram platform to grow your brand! Best of luck in the future!

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