Instagram Accounts I’m Loving

As an Instagram consumer, I find myself on the platform quite frequently (more than I’m willing to admit). Besides checking up on what my friends are up to, I genuinely use the app for inspiration, specifically when it comes to fashion trends, beauty products, and lifestyle tips. What you will notice about the women I’ve listed below, is that the majority of them are businesswomen/fashion influencers. I am truly inspired by women who have a strong worth ethic and are confident in who they are. Besides the fact that they are fashion influencers, they each differ in the fact that although they circle around the fashion pool, they are able to distinguish themselves as unique individuals. So, for that reason, amongst others, I have listed these accounts on my top 10 list. Enjoy! XO

1. @Noracim

2. @Tashietinks

3. @Alberitanicki

4. @Naomigenes


6. @josefinehj

7. @sophiesuchan

8. @weworewhat

9. @rosiehw


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