Essentials for Social Quarantine

It’s crazy to think, about a week ago, many of us were in school, at work, and grocery store shelves were stocked to the max. Oh, how the tables have turned… With so much negativity and worry amongst us all, I am here to tell you, there is hope. I genuinely believe everything happens for a reason, so with that saying, let’s take this time to gather our thoughts, strengthen our bodies, and come out of this difficult time, better than ever! To keep things light-hearted, I’ve compiled a list of essentials that have been getting me through quarantine, as well as some of my health kick tips to stay in shape/ fuel my body! Its important during this time to take care of ourselves, and the people we love around us!

Beauty Essentials

  1. Sephora Face Mask

Since we can’t go to the spa, let’s bring the spa to us! These are great, as they’re super inexpensive and great at targetting various problem areas from blackheads, to dehydrated skin.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (Belive)

I’ve heard amazing things about apple cider vinegar and how great it is for debloating and have many anti-inflammatory benefits! These gummies are great for those who cannot stomach the actual liquid, like me! I love these gummies because they are vegetarian, and do not contain gelatin, like most vitamin gummies! PS. they taste great!

3. The Ordinary

I cannot believe I just discovered this brand! Besides the fact that the products are extremely affordable, the outstanding reviews have backed up the brand and its clinically proven products. The Ordinary is vegan, cruelty-free, and offers an array of products for all skin types.

Fashion Essentials

  1. UGG Slippers

Just because we’re cooped up in our houses, does not mean we cant look comfy and cute! I just ordered these bad boys and cannot wait to strut the halls of my house whilst walking on clouds with these slippers.

2. Sweatsuits

This is pretty self-explanatory, I LIVE in SWEATSUITS! quarantine or not, I’m constantly in some sort of sweat pant/ sweatshirt combo! My favorites places to shop for sweatsuits are TNA, Pretty Little Things, and Cloud Nine!

Life Essentials

So now that we’re stuck at home, this is the time to dedicate to bettering ourselves inside and out! Heres how I’m staying proactive…

  1. 45 Minutes of Exercise daily (I use Youtube workout videos)
  2. Calm App (used for meditation and promoting self-awareness and destress)
  3. Take a walk (definitely keep your social distance, but it’s okay to get some fresh air as needed)
  4. Netflix and quarantine (here’s your chance to catch up/ binge-watch new shows!)
  5. Bake yummy treats (I made gluten-free banana bread! Heres the recipe)
  6. Pick up a new hobby (I’ve just ordered adult coloring books!)
  7. Learn a TIK TOK dance!
  8. Facetime friends (virtual wine night anyone?)

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